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While online dance classes have been a great way to scratch the itch during our time off, we’re finally getting back to dancing in our studio. In other words, you can retire that make-shift dance studio in your living room soon!

With the return of in-person dancing, however, parents are rightfully concerned about the risks it poses for their children.

To that end, we’ll talk about all the pandemic precautions we’re taking at Performing Dance Arts, as well as how your child can adjust to dancing after a break…especially a very long break!

Don’t Rush Back

There’s no need to rush back—for your safety and for everyone else’s. If you’ve been travelling or someone in your household shows symptoms of COVID-19, please be safe and cautious and stay home.

It’s also good to make sure that your child is ready to be social again and active before enrolling them in in-person dance classes. There’s going to be an adjustment period and it’s best if you take it slow!

Maintain Social Distancing

We absolutely need to follow our medical guidelines to keep everyone safe. Mercifully, it does appear that children have a predisposed advantage when it comes to COVID-19, but that still doesn’t mean we should take chances. Social distancing is a must. That includes limiting socializing both before and after class and keeping groups small.

If you can, skip the dressing room. The dressing rooms are there if needed but, if possible, please bring your child to the studio ready to go.

Be Prepared for Temperature and Symptom Checks.

Adjusting to the new normal will take some time. But we’ll get there. A few temperature and symptom checks are there to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible. They’ll be done fast and orderly, so they won’t detract from the class itself.

Dance with a Mask

Not only is dancing with a mask on safe, but it’s actually among the safest things we can do. While it may not be the most comfortable right away, the fact is that your children will be able to dance just fine with masks on, and it will help limit exposure to the virus.

Bring in multiple masks, so you can change out sweaty ones as the lesson goes on.

Dance Lessons in Woodbridge Done Responsibly and Safely

With all our dance programs in Woodbridge, we never forget the most important thing: your child’s safety.

Our dance studio in Woodbridge will make sure that your children are as safe as they can be while doing what they love: learning and improving their dance skills.

If you’re ready for a return to the dance studio, then get in touch with us at Performing Dance Arts!

We offer the top dance programs in Woodbridge and are beyond excited to get back to the dancing studio! Our dance classes—both virtual and in-person—are perfect for children of all ages. No matter what setting your child prefers, we’ll be able to accommodate them.

We offer dance lessons in Woodbridge for all skill levels, so contact us today to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best.

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