The popularity of dancing has gone through a resurgence of sorts over the last decade—partially due to the onslaught of reality dance programs getting placed on TV. But another factor adding to that popularity has been using dance as a means to get into shape.

Society is much more aware of their health today compared to any other point over the last century. Seniors and Millennials alike are taking their health into their own hands and finding alternative methods to improving their wellbeing. In addition to consuming natural and organic foods, taking dance lessons has prevailed as a challenging, fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Parents are also rapidly adopting healthy lifestyle habits, which they are in turn, passing onto their children, and dance is one form of physical activity that’s fun for (and beneficial to) all age groups.

Doing the Dance

Many people may think of hip hop and Latin dance styles when it comes to using dance as a means to improving their health; but in actuality, all forms of dance offer some sort of cardiovascular benefit.

Ballet, for example, is viewed as elegant and controlled, with the dancer taking fluent, steady movements. But what gets overlooked in ballet is the strength and stamina needed to complete a routine.

Jazz dance is similar. It is more upbeat than people realize, especially with the current street-jazz fusion of hip hop, funk, and electro-dance—a fast-paced style that adds to the physicality of the art form.

Three Benefits of Dancing to Better Health 

Several benefits arise when using dance as a means to improve health, but the following are the top three:


  • Improves Heart health: Dancing improves circulation through the entire body, which is a good way to strengthen the heart.
  • Increases stamina: With dance, all of the muscles in the body are used. One’s hands and arms, feet, legs, and torso are all necessary to effectively complete most dance routines. The continuous movements will eventually boost stamina, allowing the body to dance for longer periods of times.
  • Improves flexibility: Many dance forms include movements that push the limits of how far the body can stretch, twist, and turn. Once these movements are achieved, it may be shocking to see how much more flexible the body has become.


In addition to the physical benefits, dance goes a long way to improving one’s self-confidence. And because dance is typically done with a team, it encourages interaction and engagement. Learning new moves and entire routines helps build confidence, which can then also positively affect one’s social life. Feeling more comfortable socially will boost mental wellbeing—another important aspect to living a healthy lifestyle.

Performing Dance Arts offers dance lessons in Vaughan for children of all ages and levels. We incorporate a variety of dance forms that will not only help your children achieve their fitness goals, but it will also allow them to enjoy themselves while doing it. Contact us today for more information.

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