Top 5 Benefits of Jazz Dancing for Your Child

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Jazz Dance Lessons in Etobicoke and Vaughan

Dancing can have a wide variety of benefits for your child, but jazz in particular has been known to benefit children both physically and mentally. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun! Our jazz classes in Oakville and Woodbridge offer all of the below benefits and more, so read on to find out how your child can grow, learn, and have fun at the same time!

Increases Strength & Endurance

Dance is a great form of exercise as it’s both active and fun. Jazz dance specifically involves full body movement that gets a lot of muscle groups involved and it is always great for helping with your child’s endurance.

Helps Keep Your Child Kid Active

We’ve just spent the better part of two years largely cooped up in our homes—it’s time to get active once more. Aside from the exercise benefits mentioned above, being active helps your child burn off excess energy as well as take a break from the screens for a bit. This also helps set up healthy habits for the future.

Relieves Stress and Sharpens Focus 

Without physical activity, studies have shown that stress can build up and focus can begin to dwindle. Dancing can help your child work through whatever bothered them during the day and just let go while having fun. It also helps to sharpen their focus as they get rid of those stressful, nagging, disruptive thoughts.

Hones Muscle Memory

Muscle memory and coordination takes time to develop, especially for kids. Dancing is great for both, and these skills can transfer over into everything from other sports to even helping develop simple motor skills.

Improves Mental Health

Study after study has shown that people can benefit dramatically from exercise—both physically and mentally. Even an hour or so a week can help children maintain their mental health by giving them an avenue to blow off steam and tune everything else that’s been bothering them while they focus on dance.

Enroll in Jazz Classes at a Top Dance Studio in Toronto

Now that we know the benefits of jazz classes, let’s get started with jazz classes in Woodbridge and Oakville!

Performing Dance Arts has an experienced staff able to provide fun and instructive classes in all forms of dance, including jazz!

Our dance classes in Toronto are designed to help your child do what they love—dance—while improving their skills and learning new moves along the way. We are beyond excited to get back to the dancing studio! Our dance classes—both virtual and in-person—are perfect for children of all ages. No matter what setting your child prefers, we’ll be able to accommodate them.

If you’re looking for one of the best dance studios in Ontario, then get in touch with us today! Contact us to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best. We offer dance classes for all skill levels and ages!


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