Dance is one of the most popular activities for people of all ages. Parents looking for a way for their children to get exercise often sign up their kids, who have many different types of lessons available to them. Whether your child prefers the grace of ballet classes or high-energy hip-hop dance lessons, they are sure to find a dance that is ideally suited to their personality.

Dance is an excellent way for your child to express themselves, build confidence, and interact with others their age. It can also lead to a lifelong appreciation for the arts, if not a rewarding career.

Jazz Dance Lessons

Jazz has been a staple for dancers since it was first introduced on the 1920s. Jazz will encourage your child’s creativity, as many of the moves require improvisation. It also provides good fitness, as jazz often requires bold movements that use the entire body.

Tap Dance Classes

Around since the 1800s, tap essentially uses the feet as drums. The shoes have metal plates on the heels and toes that dancers strike against a hard surface to create a percussive sound. Tap often involves solos and dancers can develop their own unique styles.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Also called “street dance,” hip-hop first appeared on the streets of New York City in the 1970s and was performed by dance crews, with the moves often being performed close to the ground. Actually considered to be a form of folk dancing, hip-hop includes popping, locking, and krumping, yet also encourages improvisation and personal interpretation of the music. Like the music it is associated with, hip-hop dance is a constantly evolving art form it’s even been integrated into theatrical dance.

Acro Dance Classes

Acro is a style that combines dancing and acrobatics and is commonly associated with groups like Cirque du Soleil. First started in the early 1900s, acro blends elements of jazz, ballet as well as a number of other modern dance styles, and can be performed solo or with a partner. Acro requires a high level of skill, so if your child is looking for a challenge, it may be the dance for them.

Ballet Classes

First devised in Italy in the 15th century and developed over the course of centuries, ballet forms the backbone of many dance styles. It is also a popular choice with children, especially girls; what young lady hasn’t dreamed of being a ballerina at some point in her life?

Ballet involves a high level of skill to succeed at the movements and is performed to everything from instruments to orchestras to vocals. Ballet classes encourage balance thanks to pointe work, where the toes support the dancer’s entire body weight.

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