With his image as a tough guy, former MMA fighter Randy Couture isn’t someone you’d typically picture dancing. Nonetheless, the Expendables star donned formal wear to appear on the latest season of Dancing With the Stars, dancing a cha-cha-cha with his partner, Karina Smirnoff.

If you have a son who is reluctant to take up dance, Performing Dance Arts, the top Maple dance academy, recommends pointing to Couture’s recent appearance on Dancing With the Stars as an example of how it’s perfectly acceptable for men to learn how to dance.

And Couture isn’t the only action star or athlete who has appeared on the show over the course of its 10-year run: boxer Evander Holyfield, NHL player Sean Avery, UFC champion Chuck Liddell, and a number of hockey and football players have all competed on the program. And on the series Glee, a group of football players risked losing their popularity by joining their school’s show choir; if they can put their “tough guy” images aside and dance in front of a large audience, your son can as well.

Dance is rapidly becoming an acceptable way to keep in shape for men. The popularity of shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance means that more and more men and boys are taking an interest in learning to dance. And who knows? Your son may just discover that his friends are already enrolled in dance lessons at our Maple dance academy.

In fact, Pittsburgh Steelers player Steve McLendon is proud to admit that he has been taking ballet since he was in college. He initially took it as a way to stay in school and football, but quickly discovered that it strengthens his knees, feet, and ankles. And he continues to practice it to this day for the benefits it provides.

Lessons at our Maple dance academy are designed for boys who may be reluctant to take up dancing. Our instructors are trained dancers themselves and understand the hesitance that many boys may feel; with their teaching methods, your child may wonder why he didn’t want to learn how to dance after just a few lessons!

In addition to the health benefits of dance, such as improved flexibility and coordination, learning how to dance is also an excellent way to bring a shy kid out of their shell. Interacting with their classmates, combined with having to perform in front of an audience will transform your wallflower into someone who is confident and outgoing.

We recently offered a superhero summer camp and are constantly thinking of new ways to get boys interested in dance. The athletes who appear on Dancing With the Stars are also helping to remove the stigma from boys learning how to dance. Remember, if an action star like Randy Couture can dance in front of millions of people, surely your child can do the same.

Register your child at Performing Dance Arts’ Maple dance academy today and they will be dancing up a storm and feeling more confident and healthier in no time!


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