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What Is Recreational Dance?

Recreational dance is dancing without any real structure. Recreational dance classes are meant to be fun and freeing, and the goal is for dancers to focus less on form and technique and more on the joy they feel from dancing.

There is no real recreational dance training. It’s really all about the social and fitness aspect of dance. Adults can gather a few of their friends, head to a recreational dance studio, meet some new people, and work up a sweat for the hour or so they spend learning some new moves. If they enjoy it, they can come back again the next week. It’s that simple.

For kids, there are recreational dance classes in which they can be registered for a period of time. Similar to adults, kids are given the chance to meet other children their age, have fun learning some new dance steps, and then come back again the next week to do it all again. It’s also a great way to keep kids active, especially during the winter months when it’s harder for kids to play outside. Recreational dance is a fun alternative for some much-needed physical activity.

Types of Recreational Dance

There really are not boundaries when it comes to the types of recreational dancing that kids can participate in and most forms of dancing are included. Everything from hip hop to step dancing, jazz dancing to tap are all possible when participating in recreational dancing. Even something that requires some more technical steps like ballroom dancing can be made to fit the recreational dance motif.

In fact, recreational dancing is about trying out a bunch of different styles to figure out which ones your child enjoys the most. By keeping the classes light and stress-free, it gives kids of all ages a chance to just let loose and get into whatever style is being taught at that particular class. Once kids experience various types of dance, they may want to join classes that are more structured and competitive.

Our Recreational Dance Program

Performing Dance Arts is proud of our recreational dance program. Our classes are full of energy and our instructors help dancers to learn something new each time. No pressure, no competition, just a group of young dancers enjoying each others company and learning the moves together.

Performing Dance Arts has two recreational dance programs. The first is called Dance in Your Pants and is for kids who are currently two and three years old. These kids will be taught by a dance instructor that is over the age of 20. The next recreational dance program is for children between the ages of three and five. We call it Pre-Dance and our goal is to introduce young children to the joys of movement.

So parents, if you’re looking for a fun way to keep your child active while learning valuable social skills, recreational dance may be the answer. No need to Google “recreational classes near me.” Just contact Performing Dance Arts and register your son or daughter today.

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