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We can’t express just how much dancing helps children of all ages in so many different facets of their lives. With the summer now in full swing and you as a parent looking for ways to keep your child active, it is even more reason to consider dance. Both physically and psychologically, the benefits of dance in early childhood are worth the commitment.

Early Development Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

If you’ve toyed with the idea of putting your child in dance, then considering the benefits should really make your choice easy. Think of what your child will get out of dancing, should she or he decide to join:

  • Physical Development: This is probably the most obvious benefit, but still shouldn’t be ignored. The amount of physical exertion that happens in even recreational dance classes is enough to keep your child fit and active. And in the summer months, isn’t it better to have your child out and active rather than sitting at home?
  • Improved Social Skills: Your child won’t be dancing in a room alone. They’ll be with a group of other young dancers learning all the steps, engaging in conversation, and learning that it takes team work to make any routine possible. You’ll be surprised just how much self confidence your child can gain just by being a valued part of a group.
  • Cognitive Development: The physical and technical skills and lessons you child can learn in dance classes can be transferred into everyday life. We’ve already mentioned teamwork, but there is also motivation, persistence, and working towards a goal. These are all valuable life lessons your child will take away from dance classes.
  • Creativity: Learning dance moves isn’t easy. It takes practice and a level of creativity on the part of the dancers to picture and then execute the movements. In today’s environment, increased creativity can only be a good thing.
  • Better Coordination: This is another fairly obvious benefit. Dancing is one of the best ways for improving a child’s coordination. The different steps and routines ensure that dancers will be actively getting better in this aspect of their development.
  • Maturing Emotionally: The entire experience of committing to class, being on time, working in groups and individually, getting better and reaching goals all contribute to the emotional development of children who participate in dance classes. The younger the better.
  • Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle: Technology is the culture of today and it definitely has a lot of benefits. But let’s not completely forget about face-to-face interaction, physically active learning, and just having some fun without a mobile device. Dancing shows us that all of these things are still possible.

Every day at Performing Dance Arts we see the benefits of dance in early childhood. Kids in all of our dance classes feel like they have accomplished something, and we’re proud to be a part of that every time they step into our dance studio in Vaughan.

Contact us to learn about how to register for our summer dance programs. Registration is still active, so click here to sign up.

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