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Ballet has a central and important place in culture as one of the most renowned and demanding of the dance arts. Could your child be the next Canadian ballet star like Karen Kain or Evelyn Hart? Maybe you just want to immerse them in a creative outlet within the performing arts. If you’re readying them for early exposure to dance, you can do no better than to enroll them into a ballet program.

Overall, ballet classes can help to develop a child’s self-discipline, confidence, self-esteem, and athleticism. Furthermore, a child that commences physical activity earlier in life will gain a methodology to greater achievement throughout their entire lifetime.

Intro to Ballet/Dance in Your Pants (Ages 3 and younger)

This kind of class gives very young students a basic understanding of what ballet is. Learning the vocabulary of ballet is a very important start. Children can learn the simple moves in a supportive, nurturing environment. Exploration of space and a love of dancing itself are encouraged.

Creative Movement or Pre-Ballet (Ages 3-4)

The first step in a child’s dance education should be a shorter (less than 45 minutes), less-formal class where they can gradually gain awareness in the general methodology of dance. Key attributes like coordination, flexibility, and balance can be developed so that the child has a strong foundation for later on.

In a creative movement or pre-ballet class, children learn about dance while being conditioned into a routine that gives them a chance for free exploration and range of movement exercises. The instructor may also use games, props, and stories in order to help engage children with shorter attention spans.

Beginners (Ages 5-6)

Once a child is ready for ballet, they can begin with basic classes of 50 to 60 minutes about twice weekly that develop their foundation of skills and technique. Here, they will learn the essentials from positions to the musicality involved in dance. More focus is developed, along with attention given to polish and beauty that a dancer needs to shine.

Students may also get the chance to perform in a recital at the end of the term, which gives them an end goal to strive for.

Beginner/Intermediate (Ages 7-9)

If a child is ready, then they can continue to add to their foundation with classes that are more demanding in terms of focus. Growing awareness of muscular condition increases, as well as the variety and depth of positions and techniques learned.

There is also time given to allow students to develop self-expression—the artistry and openness that we see exhibited in great ballet performances. There will be an opportunity to take part in a recital at the end of the term.

Intermediate (Ages 9-11)

Once a sufficient foundation and intrinsic interest in the ballet has been established, a student is ready to undertake classes that require a higher level of focus. Students will study moves from classical ballets and further entrench notions of stylistic choices. Attendance of 4+ hours per week is a basic minimum level of commitment.

In addition to a variety of advanced techniques, students will gain proficiency in learning musicality, and in performing centre floor work. Alignment, increasing strength and flexibility, and greater self-discipline are encouraged.

Advanced (Ages 11 and above)

A student who has shown consistent commitment and interest in the ballet is now ready for advanced classes. These could involve as much as two hours of training per day over several days each week. Ballet technique and theory is taught according to a specific choreographer’s style.

Barre work, advanced turns, combinations, and other techniques are emphasized. Students are also expected to bring a level of dedication and focus to each class.

An end-of-term recital will showcase the emerging skills of dancers, as well as give them a taste for what rewards further immersion into ballet could yield.

30 Years of Excellence in Ballet Training

Being exposed to the performing arts through participation in ballet is a both challenging and rewarding journey. No matter what your child’s age or ability level, only trust them with the very best of dance instruction. Being exposed to the performing arts through participation in ballet is a both challenging and rewarding journey.

Enrolling your child in ballet classes is a great idea. With 30 years of excellence in ballet training, Performing Dance Arts is the ideal dance academy for any child looking to take up dance. We are proudly celebrating our fifth year in our Vaughan location, with a new dance studio launched in Etobicoke this year. Whether they’re looking to join a competitive dance team, or just take a few beginner lessons to feel out if dance is for them, Performing Dance Arts would be happy to have your child. We specialize in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and acro, so you can be sure we have something for everyone. To learn more about the awesome programs we offer, contact us or drop by to visit our studio today.

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