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When choosing extracurricular activities for your child, it’s easy to think that your investment would be better spent on math tutoring, but did you know that dance lessons are just as important? Dance classes are more than just moving around to the latest hits—dance classes teach important skills that can help kids learn, grow, and become more confident and successful people. Why are dance lessons equally as important as math? While there are many reasons, here are a few important factors to consider.

Brings Art and Music to Life for Young Dancers

Dance tells stories through body language and movement. Dance classes engage children in an activity that incorporates drama, music, creative movement, and excitement, and allow kids to learn how to express themselves through art. As young dancers develop their skills and deepen their understanding of rhythm and song, they learn how to express their unique qualities and connection with the music. Dance classes teach kids the appreciation for the performing arts.

Instills the Love of Learning and Growing

When young dancers are given the opportunity to actively participate in dance classes, they gain a respect for art. There are many exciting moments that come with learning and growing in dance class. Students learn how to express themselves more fully, and learn how to grow and coordinate with other students regardless of their age or experience. Dancers are encouraged to try new things and develop important skills that help them constantly grow to master various skills. This love of learning and growing will help them as they learn at home, in school, and in other extracurricular or weekend activities.

Gain Strength and Endurance through Dancing

Like many other physical activities, dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise. With dance, there is the added benefit that every muscle in the body is used to create movement and expression. As their young bodies benefit from the workout during their dance classes, it helps them gain strength and endurance. Kids develop the skill of discipline and persistence as they practice challenging moves and perfect their skills. These principles can help them in other activities such as studying for a test at school or preparing for a big presentation.

Register Your Child in a Dance Program at Performing Dance Arts

Performing Dance Arts is a great school to enroll your child, regardless of their age or level of experience. We will help you find the right class for them based on these factors and the type of dance they enjoy the most. Our academy has trained instructors that have years of industry experience and skill, and who care greatly about the progress and happiness of our students. Our outstanding facilities inspire creativity and our instructors will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

Our dance lessons in Vaughan (Maple/Woodbridge) and Toronto cater to children of all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to enroll your child or learn more about our programs. We will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to prepare your child for their first class. If you want a firsthand idea of what our dance studios are like, simply pay us a visit!

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