If you’re looking for the right type of dance classes in Toronto, you might want to consider tap dance classes for your toddler. Many people think that only older children and adults have the coordination to learn this genre of dance, but there also toddler tap dances classes that cater to a much younger crowd. Tap dance studios near you can offer you child a myriad of benefits, including physical, social, and even mental advantages. To learn more about the benefits of tap dancing for children and why it might be the right choice for your toddler, keep on reading.

 tap dance lessons torontoBenefits of Tap Dancing Classes for Toddlers

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefit is the physical activity your child will get—probably without them even realizing they’re exercising! Tapping their feet along to the beat will get them off the couch and get their heart pumping. Tap dance lessons are a fantastic idea to keep your child active after school, even throughout the winter. It’ll also help them strengthen their muscles, and allow them to develop great balance and coordination.

Mental Benefits

Believe it or not, dance classes can actually have a positive impact on your child’s mental health. Learning a new type of dance can be a confidence booster, and help kids feel better about themselves—something that’ll translate into everything they do, whether they’re at home with family or at school with peers. In addition to building up their self-esteem, tap dance classes will give them a creative outlet to channel their energy. Some kids tend to act out in ways that aren’t necessarily favourable to parents when they have too much pent up energy, but dance classes give them an opportunity to express themselves freely, in a safe and appropriate way.

Social Benefits

Enrolling your toddler in tap classes in Toronto will also help them further develop their social skills. Whether they’ve begun school already or not, it’s never a bad idea to socialize your toddler in a new environment with other kids their own age. They’ll learn how to make new friends in a difference setting, and will learn more about collaborative activity. Tap dance is a gender-neutral genre, so your toddler will learn to work in groups with the same, as well as the opposite gender.

Tap Dance Classes for Toddlers in Toronto

With our outstanding facilities paired with extraordinary instructors, there’s no better choice when it comes to tap dance lessons in Toronto than Performing Dance Arts. Our tap dance studio is designed to inspire creativity, and motivate your child to dance with passion. While your little one is learning about this diverse genre of dance, you’ll be able to watch your three-year-old tap dance from the TVs in our lounge. Enroll your child today, and let them experience the freedom of movement while getting their dose of daily physical activity. Contact us today for more information about the programs we offer, or stop by our tap dance studio in Toronto today!

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