Finding activities to keep your child occupied during the summer season can be challenging—especially when looking for something that’s not only fun and active, but something that your child will enjoy. One of the best options presently available is a summer dance camp. Your children will get the chance to interact with other dancers as well as participate in a healthy, active environment.

Keep Your Child Active 

We don’t need precise figures to know that kids aren’t nearly as active as they should be. Technology, of course, plays a huge role in keeping kids indoors and glued to whichever device they’ve grown to love. But as a parent, you should take on the challenge of consistently finding activities that pump-up your child’s heart rate.

Dancing is such a great option when it comes to overall health. With all the physical movement—twirling, jumping, balancing, bending—dancers are getting a full body workout with every routine. Your child will receive a beneficial aerobic workout, along with improved strength and flexibility.

One hidden benefit (in addition to the physical aspect) is that dancers experience a great deal of learning. The dance routines they are expected to memorize—which includes correct timing, facial expressions and being in sequence with a team—encourages dancers to become better overall learners.

Meeting New People

For the most part, kids are confined to interacting with people they meet at school or through family. Enrolling them in a summer dance camp not only means they will meet groups of new friends, but these new friends will all typically have a common interest.

The summer season is time for your children to explore and to try new things.  Enrolling your children in a summer dance class will create moments and experiences they will always remember. So even if dancing isn’t a career path for your child, the memories they will create and the courage they gain by challenging themselves to try something new will last a lifetime.

At Performing Dance Arts we encourage a family-style atmosphere with all of our students, make sure they are communicating openly and that they take the opportunity to know the other kids who are participating in the program. The better the dancers get along, the more they can push each other and keep each other committed to doing their best.

Our dance academy in Vaughan accommodates both serious and casual dancers and is the ideal social environment. Contact us today for summer registration dates and to learn more about our all-year programs.

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