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Many of our students are comfortable in an in-studio environment and have experience with that learning setting. But when it comes to virtual dance classes, many are unsure of how to act. After all, between the screen, the other electronics, and dancing at home, there can often be challenges when it comes to keeping kids engaged during virtual dance camps. That in mind, let’s take a look at some proper etiquette for virtual dance classes in Toronto.

Be On Time!

While virtual dance camps may be different than in-person classes, one thing certainly does not change between the two: punctuality. It’s important to be on time to the classes. It can be just as disruptive logging in halfway through a class as it is physically entering a class halfway through. And if there are technical problems or people are slow to log on, be patient! It may be a smart idea to have your child log in to their virtual dance class early just in case the run into technical issues.

Pick a Quite Place

Homes are full of distractions. Try to limit these by having your child dance in an area where there’s lots of room and not too many distractions. That means no screens or busy areas that see lots of traffic…if you can help it. Consider dedicating a room in the house as your child’s mini dance studio. Of course, sometimes, you have no choice but to have your makeshift dance studio in a less-than-ideal spot, but you can still do your best to limit the distractions!

Set Your Camera Up So That Your Teacher Can See Your Whole Body

While we’re used to filming our faces during Zoom calls and the like, dancing is different. Dance instructors need to see your kids form when dancing in order to properly instruct them. That means positioning the camera in such a way that your child is fully and clearly visible on the camera to ensure they’re getting the most out of their instruction.

Turn Your Camera On

And while we’re at it, don’t forget to make sure your camera is on! You wouldn’t believe how many times kids begin lessons and only realize a few minutes later that they weren’t visible to their instructors. How else are you supposed to get the most out of your dance lesson if your teacher can’t see you dance?!

Control the Sound

Another electronic issue that often gets overlooked is the microphone. While there may be times where your child has to communicate with the instructor (like asking for clarification or answering a question) that doesn’t mean that the mic needs to be on the entire class—nor should it be. Be sure to have it shut off when it’s not needed.

Be in Dress Code from Head to Toe!

Again, just because it’s a different setting doesn’t mean that all the old procedures don’t apply. And one old procedure that certainly still applies is being in accordance with the dress code. These dress codes are there for a reason! The proper clothing will ensure that your child is able to be fully mobile as they dance. And improper clothing can lead to falls and injury, so this is among the most important etiquette rules to follow.

Keep the Curtains Closed

This goes along with the limiting of distractions we mentioned earlier. At home, there are many, many more distractions than in the studio. One of the biggest distractions is large windows that have a lot of movement and action; pulling the curtains closed is a great way to limit some of those distractions.

Don’t Sit Down During Class

Your living room (or wherever you hold your child’s virtual dance classes) should be as close as possible to a dance studio, but you can’t totally simulate that environment. Specifically, there is likely to be chairs and couches around tempting your child to sit. But they shouldn’t! They should try and keep the energy up, even during moments where they’re not active, and that means they’re best off not sitting.

Don’t Eat During Class

Much like sitting, just because food is close at hand doesn’t mean your kid is better off indulging. Eating before the class and making sure they’re fully energized is great, but you don’t want to eat during the class, as that can make your kid feel bloated and slow. Or worse, your child could end up getting a cramp.

Please Remember to Log Out

And when the session is over, remember to log out. Even if you want to be social with other parents and students after the class, it’s better to do that on social media apps rather than doing it on the school app.

Virtual Dance Classes in Toronto Delivered by Expert Instructors

Now that we know how to set up an environment that is perfect for your child to learn in, the next step involves finding the perfect dance lessons in Toronto.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Performing Dance Arts. We are one of the top Vaughan dance studios. We always prioritize fun, development, and safety while your child gets to do what they love—dance!

Our dance classes in Toronto – both virtual and in-person – are top quality and perfect for children of all ages. No matter what setting your child prefers, we’ll be able to accommodate them.

We have dance lessons in Toronto for all skill levels, so contact us today to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best.

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