Benefits of Joining Dance Classes for Kids as an After School Activity

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Dance Studio for Kids

Dance classes for kids are fun, active, and a great learning experience for children of all ages. In other words, they offer a whole host of benefits. And considering that children’s dance classes in Toronto and Woodbridge make the perfect after-school activity (so you can get some of that much-needed rest yourself), it’s worth considering if dance classes would be right for your child.

In this piece, we’ll go over the many benefits of dance classes as an after-school activity.

Benefits of Joining Dance Classes

Physical Activity

Dancing is both a beautiful art form and a rigorous sport—with your child directly benefiting from both. And the physical aspect is one of the best parts of the dance. First, it helps keep your kid active and healthy. With so many kids’ activities, these days focused on a screen, any opportunity where you can get your kid up and active is super valuable. Dancing helps get your kids moving, and best yet, it’s fun!

Another important thing about the physical aspect of dancing is it helps expend some of that excess energy kids can have!

From young children to teenagers, expending some of that energy helps keep them healthy but also helps release all those endorphins that come along with exercise, so they feel better and aren’t restive when they get home.

Cognitive Activity

While you’d expect dance classes for kids to feature a good amount of physical benefits, there are also quite a few cognitive benefits, including:

  • Helping to fight depression
  • Boosting memory
  • Sensory neuron health in the brain
  • And more

So, while other sports may offer just the physical benefits, finding that combination of both physical and cognitive benefits all from the same activity is rare, and makes dance classes for kids that much more valuable.

Social Activity

Children’s dance classes in Toronto also offer your child the opportunity to socialize with other children they may not normally meet. Aside from meeting new friends, the process of making friends in a new environment helps to develop those socializing tools critical to a child’s development.

Promotes Structure and Discipline

Dancing, when taken seriously, requires a lot of work and dedication. These lessons can be learned and developed early for children, helping them for the rest of their lives as they see the value of hard work and dedication.

Dance is exceptionally good at teaching these valuable skills as it does so in a fun environment, so it never feels like a chore, and actually makes your child want to be more disciplined and dedicated, if only so they can nail that next routine or technique.

Types of Dance Lessons for Children

Now that we know the different benefits, let’s take a look at the wide variety of dance styles for kids that you and your child can pick from.

Enroll Your Child in Dance Classes at Performing Dance Arts

We know the benefits, we know the different styles of dance, and all that’s left is to find the perfect dance studio for your child. Performing Dance Arts is one of the best dance studios in the GTA. We pair top-tier facilities with extraordinary instructors. In other words, there’s nowhere better than Performing Dance Arts for Woodbridge dance classes or dance classes in Toronto (we have two locations).

We teach children of many ages in a variety of dance styles. All our instructors are experts in their style and great at imparting their knowledge to the next generation of dance stars.

When your child takes lessons at Performing Dance Arts, they will greatly improve their fitness and confidence. Our studio teaches dance arts and skills that will serve your child well throughout their entire life.

Contact us today for more information about the programs we offer or stop by our dance studios in Toronto or Woodbridge today!

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