The benefits of your child learning ballet go far beyond improved fitness and possibly landing a role in a world famous production of The Nutcracker or Swan Lake; taking ballet lessons can also help to improve their coordination. And as the top Woodbridge dance academy, Performing Dance Arts offers ballet lessons from the best teachers in the business.

When your child takes our dance lessons in Maple, they’re receiving instruction from dancers with years of experience. Our ballet instructors will testify to the lifelong benefits that learning ballet provides. For instance, good coordination is an excellent skill that can prove to be invaluable, especially in a few years when your child is learning to drive or when they decide to take up another sport. There’s also a variety of careers where good coordination is an essential skill.

While many little girls may dream of becoming a ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada, ballet is one form of dance that many boys may be reluctant to take up. However, if you explain that it’s something that will improve their coordination and make them better at other sports, as well as prepare them for learning to drive, then they may just change their tune. Come up with a list of “boy-friendly” careers that require good coordination and that reluctance may just fade away completely!

While you can make your child aware of the benefits of dance, it is ultimately their choice. However, you may just be surprised to find that they want to take dance lessons after they learn of the benefits. Our dance studio in Vaughan provides a safe, fun learning environment for your child to learn to dance.

There are also a variety of other dance styles that we offer at our Woodbridge dance academy in addition to ballet that are equally beneficial to improving coordination. If your child is a fan of hip-hop, then we have dance lessons for them, or check out our jazz dance lessons as another way to improve coordination.

When you sign your child up for our dance lessons in Maple, we will start them with simple moves before gradually working their way up. And even if your child takes dance lessons for exercise, the benefits will serve them well later in life, such as improving their athletic skills on the field or court in high school.

And who knows? Seeing your child learn to dance may just inspire their friends to take it up themselves. Or it may also help your child to feel like they stand out, with their friends getting involved in team sports while they are taking up a unique activity. But ultimately, your child may just find that dance is the sport they respond to best, and as our alumni prove, they can have a rewarding career as a professional dancer.

Dance lessons will give your child an appreciation of the arts at an early age. And they can learn all this and more at Performing Dance Arts’ Woodbridge dance academy!

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