Everyone, on some level, has an appreciation of the arts. Whether it’s attending a theatre performance, visiting a museum, or going to see a concert, each person enjoys the arts in some form or another.Performing Dance Arts, the leading provider of dance lessons in Maple, has a few tips for parents looking to instill an appreciation of the arts in their children from an early age. We offer dance lessons in a variety of styles, ranging from hip hop to ballet, with instructors who are professional dancers themselves. Whether your child is just looking to dance for fitness or wishes to do so competitively, we have lessons that are ideally suited to them. And who knows? They could end up on a big Broadway show or dancing with the National Ballet of Canada! But appreciating the arts doesn’t just have to involve dance, though it helps. There are a variety of ways you can get your kids to enjoy the arts and have fun at the same time:

  1. Kid-friendly dance events: Find out if your local ballet troupe is offering any kid-friendly events. Toronto has a world-famous production of The Nutcracker, and Rose Theatre in Brampton, close to the studio where we provide dance lessons in Maple, also has many child-friendly productions. Many theatres also have performances geared specifically to kids.
  2. Museums: While most kids would rather spend most of their time at the section of the museum with dinosaur fossils, encourage them to visit other parts as well. However, you should only go in short, one-hour visits and on days when they’re offering kid-friendly events.
  3. Outdoor art displays: Going to a museum is a wonderful experience, but your kids will have to behave themselves while they are there. With an outdoor art display, however, there will be less pressure on them to be quiet. Yes, tell them to be respectful, but also don’t restrict them; rather, encourage them to visit the different displays.
  4. Outdoor concerts: Seek orchestra groups that put on shorter shows that are specifically for kids and feature music that children enjoy and audience participation.

Best of all, many of the options listed above are free or feature affordable admission for children. But remember to teach your child to be quiet and respect the performers on stage, whether they’re puppets, dancers, or musicians. And be sure to make a trip to the bathroom before the performance starts and take full advantage of any intermissions. Even if it’s just listening to classical music in the car or watching musicals on DVD or on demand, this can encourage your child to take an interest in the arts, especially if the movie in question has big dance numbers. Contact Performing Dance Arts to instill your child with the joy of dance and the arts today! Source: Grocott, H., “Teaching your children to appreciate the arts,” WPRI.com, July 14, 2013; http://wpri.com/2014/07/14/teaching-your-children-to-appreciate-the-arts/.

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