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If you are a parent or educator wondering how to teach your kids to appreciate the arts, there is one simple answer: immerse them in the various sectors of the arts.

While not everyone agrees on which art form is more beneficial or provides a better appreciation, early exposure to dance and the arts gives young children a good introduction. With dance, the movement sequences, music accompaniment, and the sense of community teaches life lessons.

How to Cultivate a Love for Dance and the Arts in Your Children

To cultivate dance and art appreciation in preschoolers, there are various sources parents and families can explore. Some education systems continue to offer or provide children with opportunities for dance and other forms of art. Whether it be part of their formal education, a hobby, or as an extra-circulator activity, all available forms of art should be explored.

It should be noted that regardless of your geographical area, financial stability, and access to exposure, cultivating a love and passion for the arts is possible with the help of today’s technology. Films, music, online classes, and videos are able to be enjoyed by more people now than ever.

Foster an Appreciation for Dance

Enroll your child in a professional dance class, such as those offered at Performing Dance Arts in Vaughan, Etobicoke, and Yorkdale. With a variety of dance genres to choose from, consider having your child try out a few of the different classes to see which one piques their interest. Attending a dance performance can also boost their interest and motivation to dance.

Dance can be appreciated at any time, anyplace. Check for kid-friendly dance events in your area where the performers encourage participation from the audience. Your local library will have intriguing books about dance and its origins.

Cultivate a Love for the Arts

For an appreciation of the arts overall, visit museums and art galleries. Small and larger museums often have a kids’ night or special weekend events for children of all ages to participate. Seeing the displays and hearing details from an art expert can help a child learn more about the different arts.

Other forms of art that offer fun and interactive participation include outdoor art displays and concerns. An outdoor art display allows for children to speak to the artist or sculptor, giving them a better understanding of the display piece and the work that went into it. Outdoor concerts at parks, stadiums, or even in a schoolyard can be a wonderful way to introduce various music genres to your child.

Integrate Dance and the Arts into Your Daily Life

The arts as a whole depicts the history of the world we live in. Using everyday life activities as a means to expose children to the amazing opportunities, emotions, and stories happening around them can ignite their interest.

Have the entire family become involved in discovering the arts through participation in sculpting, painting, films, theatre, and dance. Dance your heart out at any time. Use dance to create a story for family time.

Additional Tips

As parents, we want to give our children all of the best opportunities, perhaps ones that we, as kids, never had to chance to explore. Be patient with your child as they are introduced to various worlds within the arts. There may be some forms of art your child may not express interest in at the time but may be quick to change their minds if a friend becomes interested in it or as they grow older.

Introduce the Arts to Your Child with Performing Dance Arts

At Performing Dance Arts, our focus is on fostering a love for dance and the arts through teachings, participation, and creativity. We offer a variety of dance classes, both recreational and competitive, in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, acro, contemporary, and musical theatre. Our world-class instructors provide fun learning for children from ages three years and up.

If you or your child is wondering how art appreciation can help them as a student at one of our studios, schedule a tour today!

Contact us today at (905) 856-1030 for Vaughan, (647) 640-5010 for Etobicoke, and (647) 262-1550 for Yorkdale.


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