Ballet Dance Lessons: Tips to Improve Your Pliés

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plie in ballet dance

The plié is one of the first ballet moves that children learn in ballet class. It is a very important move because it teaches them how to use their muscles to control their body and ballet posture. In this article, we will give you some tips on how your child can improve their plié. We will also discuss the different types of pliés in ballet and how to do a plié correctly.

What Is a Plié in Ballet?

A plié is a fundamental movement in ballet that involves bending the knees while keeping the feet flat on the floor. It translates from French to mean “to bend”, and is used to create graceful transitions between steps, allowing dancers to move in and out of postures with ease.

Pliés are usually done with both legs bent at the same time but can also be done by alternating each leg or by bending one leg and stretching the other straight. Additionally, plies come in different depths and can be used to stabilize balance or add height to jumps, allowing the dancer’s strength and artistry to shine through.

Types of Pliés in Ballet Dance

There are two main types of pliés in ballet dance: demi and grand. Both ballet steps are imperative elements of all classical ballet routines and perfecting these movements can help create a more graceful performance overall.

  • Demi Pliés: A demi plié involves bending the knees to a 45-degree angle. This ballet move provides stability for additional steps in the routine, such as leaps or turns. The movement also helps dancers stay low to the ground and shift their weight quickly.
  • Grand Plié: This plié, on the other hand, is a deeper bend which brings the dancer even closer to the floor than demi. This ballet dance position requires greater strength and control due to its range and flexibility demands.

Tips to Improve Your Kids’ Pliés

Improving your kid’s pliés takes practice and teaching them the basics is key. When you enroll your child in ballet classes, the qualified instructors will help set a foundation for nice pliés from the get-go. Below are some key tips to help your child improve their pliés:

  • Alignment: Make sure your kids start with good alignment, having them stand in first or second position with shoulders over hips to ensure they are standing up straight.
  • Lose Muscles: Also important is loosening any tight muscles by doing some stretching before dancing to keep your child’s muscles warm and relaxed.
  • Soft Feet: Have your kids focus on keeping their feet soft and slightly flexed when all the toes are pointed, which also helps with balance and control.
  • Range of Motion: Working towards gradually deepening the range of motion while always keeping a correct posture will help to slowly build strength with each iteration.
  • Breathe: Finally, remember to constantly remind them about deep breathing to make sure their movements have much more flow and gravity.

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