If your child has expressed interest in jazz dance lessons, then you’ve likely started researching why you should spring for jazz dance classes for your toddler. Fortunately, there are many benefits of jazz dance classes, and we’ve detailed most of them here. Keep on reading if you want to find out why it may be a good idea to enroll your child in jazz dance classes.

Benefits of Jazz Dance Classes for Children

Improved Coordination

As your child progresses through their first round of jazz and dance classes, you might notice that they have an improved sense of coordination. Routines will challenge their upper and lower body to parallel and contrast each other in different ways, which might be a bit awkward for them at first, but will ultimately result in better coordination—an improvement that can be reflected in their everyday life.

Incredible Cardio Workout

Jazz dance moves are often fast-paced, and require significant physical efforts from students. This genre is aerobic in nature, which means that it’ll help your child develop stronger bones muscles, and increase their physical stamina. During classes, they’ll be on the floor for extended periods of time, so you can count on them getting their heart rate up!

Improved Concentration & Mood

By setting aside time each week to focus on dance, your child will have access to an outlet to relieve their daily stresses. For the hour they’re in class, they’ll be completely immersed in the music and moves, leaving no time to worry about school, family, or anything else that may be weighing on their mind. This short break in their week can allow them the space they need to breath and recollect themselves, and will improve their level of concentration and mood for the rest of the week.

Express Emotions

Some children act out in unfavourable ways as a result of pent up emotions that they don’t know how to handle. Enrolling your child in jazz dance classes will give them the opportunity to express themselves in a way that’s beneficial to their physical and mental health. They can channel their emotions into their routines, and turn feelings of angst, anger, and sadness into beautiful dance moves.

Jazz Dance Classes for Toddlers and Youth in Toronto

If you’ve been searching for jazz dance classes in Toronto, you can stop Googling “jazz dance classes near me,” because you’ve come to the right place! Set your child up for success, and enroll them in a dance program at Performing Dance Arts today. Our studio offers a wide array of programs, so you can be sure your child will find something they`re interested in. From jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, and even acro, there are a variety of styles to choose from. If your little one is interested in dance as a competitive sport, we have a number to of competitive teams they can join. However, if your littler dancer isn’t the competitive type, we have causal programs where they can dance to their heart’s desire! Stop by the studio to check out our facilities, or contact us today for more information.

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