Social skills are an important part of any child’s development and interactions have an impact on your child’s cognitive and emotional development. Learning to share, cooperate and have a sense of empathy are all things that your child should start to do at an early age.

Dance lessons are an excellent way for kids to foster social skills. Studies have found that children respond well to activities that involve music and movement, and dance classes also encourage a child’s creativity and sense of awareness regarding themselves and others.

Younger children learn best through hands-on activities, and dance provides the best learning opportunities since it requires both concentration and participation. Dance classes also encourage children to develop their coordination skills and physical fitness.

Here are some of the other benefits of dance lessons for your kids:

Develop a Sense of Space

For many toddlers, teaching them to respect the personal space of others is a bit of an uphill struggle. Dance classes can teach your child spatial awareness, and with it, to respect the personal boundaries of others. For instance, the instructor at a dance art studio may start them with lessons where they hold out their arms to ensure that they are not touching anyone.

Mimicking Movements

A dance instructor can encourage your child to follow their movements, which will support the development of a series of skills, including spatial awareness and the ability to follow physical cues. And if the instructor uses facial expressions, it can teach reading emotions as well.

Playing With Others

When it comes to normal development, children normally go from playing by themselves to playing near others to finally socializing. Dance classes designed for children teach them to progress through these stages so they can learn to take turns and cooperate with other children.

In fact, a study involving 40 low-income children in the U.S. found that the group of children who took part in dance classes showed greatly improved social skills and reduced issues with their behaviour.

At Performing Dance Arts, the top dance art studio in Vaughan, our dance lessons for children encourage students to interact with each other. Our dance classes will teach your child the necessary skills they need for improved coordination, creativity, and social skills, all of which will aid them throughout their life! Call us today or visit our web site to find out more about our programs for kids!


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