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Social interaction in dance classes is imperative for any types of dancers. Young children need to develop certain social skills to grow and become contributing members of society. Dance can help.

A child’s emotional and cognitive development begins at an early age. Enrolling your child in dance classes can foster and improve these skills that will follow them throughout their school learning years and adulthood.

For a better understanding of the connection between social development and the world of dance, let’s look at how and why dancing improves social skills.

Benefits of Dance for Young Children’s Social Skills

Dance can help children develop social skills in the following ways:

Develops Nonverbal Communication

Becoming a successful dancer dependant on learning to read off each other’s movements. This is only achieved by developing the skills needed to form nonverbal communication with other members of the group. Learning to read other people’s emotions through facial expressions and body movements reach further than the studio as it lends to other social skills needed in life.

Enhances Teamwork and Cooperation

Dance can be a solo performance but to get to that stage, a dancer must work as part of a team, particularly in dance class. The social skill of becoming an effective team player can also lend to the development of another key skill, cooperation.

Promotes Empathy and Understanding

Dance teaches children to have empathy and understanding as not everyone learns the same way and comes from the same background. Connecting with other children on an emotional level through their love for dance encourages inclusion and acceptance of each other’s differences.

Builds Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

These two social skills are crucial for both children and adults in being able to live life with love, compassion, and care for themselves and others. Through self-expression, a child’s creativity and confidence grows and leads to a supportive and nurturing mindset.

Types of Dance That Improve Social Development

If you’re looking to foster you child’s social skills, try these forms of dance.

Creative Movement

For many young dancers, their introduction into the world of dance begins with exploring their creative movement. This not only helps to pique a young dancer’s interest but also fosters the development of self-awareness and self-expression. Creative movement transforms into other life areas such as cognitive thinking and acceptance of individuality for themselves and others.

Partner Dance

A partner dance involves cooperation with another person without the use of verbal communication. This is achieved only by both dancers using socialization skills to move in sync with each other at the right timing of the music. Partner dances help children develop teamwork, communication through facial expressions and body movement, and a full sense of trust.

Group Choreography

Choreography in dance classes demands the attention of the students in the pursuit of a successful performance. Teamwork is key within the dance world as each group member has a specific purpose to reach the common goal. Students must be aware of others and coordinate their own movements in line with the other students.

How to Make Dance Part of Your Child’s Social Development

Social development from dance takes time, patience, and care from the instructor and the home support team. Here are some sure-fire ways to improve your child’s social skills through dance.

Enroll in Dance Classes

Anyone can move their body to music but dance classes teach your child a safe and healthy way to use movements to develop self-confidence and self-expression. Structural dance lessons help to improve the child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Encourage Dance at Home

Show support for your child’s interest in dance by encouraging dance performances in the comfort of their own home. Whether you join in the fun or allow them to put on their own dance performance for you, promote self-expression and creativity.

Attend Dance Performances

Children learn from imitation and with the dance world, it starts by being inspired by other performers. Attend dance performances hosted by schools, theatre production groups, and professional dance troops.

Encourage Participation in Dance-Related Activities

Look around and you will find dance is part of many of life’s adventures. Encourage your child to participate in summer camps, workshops, and with local theatre or school groups to incorporate dance into their social life.

Enroll Your Kids in PDA’s Dance Classes in Vaughan, Etobicoke, and North York

The Performing Dance Arts team invites you to drop by one of our studios to experience how dance education helps to develop lifelong social skills for your child. We offer various dance programs for kids of all ages and skills to improve essential social development skills.

We provide a safe and inclusive environment for all dancers at our Etobicoke, Vaughan, and Yorkdale studios. Contact us today to discover how we can help your child grow a healthy mind and body.

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