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If you are looking into signing your child up for dance classes in Toronto, one of the things you must consider is how to choose the perfect dance style for them. There is a wide array of dance styles to choose from, from jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and more. How do you know which one to choose for your child? What’s the best dance style for beginners? Choosing the right style of dance lessons for your toddler is crucial, so we’ve put together a checklist of a few things to think about that can help you make your decision.

Your Child’s Goal

You should consider your child’s goals, and what your goals for them are. Will dance be a purely recreational activity, or do you foresee them taking it up competitively in the future? Are they taking dance classes predominantly for exercise and to burn calories, or do you want them to work on their posture and muscle memory? Whatever your intentions, contemplating your and your child’s goals will help the both of you make an informed decision that’ll give you the results you desire.

Your Child’s Abilities and Interests

First and foremost, the genre of dance you select should interest your child. Chances are, they’ll be more enthusiastic and participate more willingly when they have a personal interest in the type of dance they’re learning. Preschool dance lessons should appeal to their abilities and interests in order to keep their attention. Show them some video clips of styles you think they may be interested in, and gauge their reaction to make the best choice.

The Cost of Classes

Think about the costs associated with different types of dance. Costumes, specialty footwear, and uniforms may be required for certain types. Although many children’s dance classes simply require comfortable clothing, you’ll find that some have a few more requirements like leotards, shoes, etc. You’ll want to factor this into the overhead cost to make sure it fits into your budget before committing to anything. It’s best to check with the dance studio beforehand, since some beginner classes don’t involve all the bells and whistles.


Different styles of dance will offer different benefits to each child—it’ll impact how much exercise they get during the lesson, and for some it could affect their level of self confidence. To help you choose which style of dance is best for your child, think about what they need from dance lessons, and make your decision accordingly.

Dance Style

Read on to learn about a few of the many different dance styles, and see how each style lends themselves to a different personality.

1. Jazz

Jazz dancing first emerged around the late 1880s to mid-1900s. This style is all about improvisation, high energy, skill, and explosive movements. Some notable performers and choreographers of jazz dance include Michael Jackson, Bob Fosse, and Katherine Dunham.

Although no prior dance background is required, if your child has a strong technical foundation, such as a background in ballet technique, they might excel at jazz.

2. Hip Hop

Hip hop evolved from the music of the same name. Hip hop is exciting, fun and requires a special ability to improvise to the music. Children are often inspired to dance from watching music videos; because many of today’s popular artists that your children have seen perform hip hop dance moves, they might enjoy learning how to do the same moves.

The opportunity to dance to current music while not being constrained by too many rules is a powerful incentive for hip hop dancers. If your child wants to stamp their own signature on their dancing and be given room for freedom of expression, then hip hop is suitable for them.

3. Ballet

Ballet developed as far back as the 15th century under aristocratic influence. The graceful formal movements of ballet require tremendous focus and dedication to master. Ballet is both respected and revered as elaborate productions like The Nutcracker or Swan Lake are the kind of performances that can bring audiences into a deeper appreciation of what dance is.

If your child excels while learning in a structured environment, ballet may be a good choice. Ballet also has further options and opportunities to perform or become employed professionally for highly-skilled dancers. Furthermore, the foundation in dance built by ballet classes transfers to other styles of dance.

4. Tap Dance

Tap dancing has existed since the 19th century, and has been popularized as it often appeared in movies like Singing in the Rain, Stepping Out, and Billy Elliot. Metal plates on the bottom of special shoes create a unique tapping sound, with performers usually working alone.

Tap has always been regarded as an inclusive form of dance that welcomes those who are willing to try. If your child has the desire to master complex rhythms within a structure that allows for self-expression and pure joy, they might enjoy tap dance.

5. Acro

A fusion of acrobatics and classical dance moves, acro is very popular in dance competitions. This form of dance requires that dancers learn both dance and acrobatic skills; attributes like conditioning are also important to develop. Graceful transitions between dance movements, as well as tricks (acts of balance) are key features of acro.

Children who want to build up their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination are suitable for acro dance lessons. Children will slowly develop athleticism as they progress through lessons. The variety and high-degree of skill required for tricks is also good to engage children who want to be challenged in a fun learning environment.

How Do I Find Children’s Dance Classes Near Me?

Your Google search for “kids dance classes near me” ends here. Performing Dance Arts is the premier dance studio for children in the GTA, with two locations to serve you. Our fully equipped studios can be found in Vaughan and Etobicoke, and both offer a variety of dance programs. Whether your little one is interested in hip hop or ballet, we guarantee we’ll have a program to interest them. Our top-of-the-line facilities feature multiple studios fully equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, and televisions with a live feed into our parents’ lounge for your viewing pleasure. Contact us today to learn more about our studio, or register your child online now.

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